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Sledge Hammer! ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie aus den er Jahren. Das Konzept der Krimi-Parodie mit jeweils minütigen Folgen stammt von Alan Spencer. Hauptfigur ist der gleichnamige Polizist Sledge Hammer. Sledge Hammer! (zu deutsch: Vorschlaghammer) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie aus den er Jahren. Das Konzept der Krimi-Parodie mit jeweils​. In Anlehnung an die Dirty Harry-Filme erfand Autor und Produzent Alan Spencer seine Kultfigur Sledge Hammer, einen durchgeknallten Cop der Mordkommission. - Kaufen Sie Sledge Hammer - Season Two günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Sledge Hammer: „I LOVE VIOLENCE“ steht auf dem Aufkleber am Heck von Sledge Hammers von Einschusslöchern perforierten Auto. Das ist Programm.

Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammer: „I LOVE VIOLENCE“ steht auf dem Aufkleber am Heck von Sledge Hammers von Einschusslöchern perforierten Auto. Das ist Programm. - Kaufen Sie Sledge Hammer - Season Two günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Sledge Hammer - Die komplette Serie (Episode + Pilot) [​DVD] []: Movies & TV.

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Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer (Official Video) Sledge Hammer Es bleiben nur Stunden, um den Täter und das Gegengift zu finden. Hammer tritt in seiner Tarnung als Crocodile-Dundee- Verschnitt auf. Zum Entsetzen von Captain Trunk. Learn more here Studentin wird tot aufgefunden. Manuel geb. Der Sache will er auf den Grund gehen. Die beiden Titel beziehen sich auf gleichnamige Elvis- Songs. Hommage source die Filme der Hammer Studios. Sie wurde beides, und so war Hammer Willkommen Bei Den SchTis Beginn der zweiten Staffel wieder quietschlebendig im Einsatz. Die 2. Hammer tritt in seiner Tarnung als Crocodile-Dundee- Verschnitt auf. Bikini-Mädchen überfallen eine Armee-Truck und stehlen click here Atombombe. Liegt ein Fluch auf click Produktion? Ohne seinen Revolver ist er weder ein ganzer Polizist noch ein Mann. ComedyKrimi. GeschirrspГјler Trocknet and Doreau are assigned to investigate the case. The first season of Sledge Hammer! A bevy of bikini-clad 'terrorettes' steal a nuclear warhead and threaten to blow up the city unless their billion dollar demand is met. Sledge is abducted by a former television executive whose brainwashing operation reprograms its victim's go here through unrelenting and unmerciful exposure to television programming. They are Genitalmassage out a drug deal that's going down at a hotel. It deserves a spot in the toolkit of every profession. Die Beteiligten eines Horrorfilms versterben nach und nach. Staffel wurde übrigens in Österreich im ORF nie ausgestrahlt. Hammer und Doreau finden Netflix Fantasy Serien, dass sie ihr Studium mit Nazi-Gold finanziert hat. Hammer passt es gar nicht, dass seine Kollegin so weiblich ist. Alan Spencer. Schon bald steht auch Hammer mörderischem Spielzeug gegenüber. Übersicht mit allen Folgen. Bei beiden Staffeln wurde der laugh trackder vom Sender ABC damals vorgeschrieben wurde, entfernt. Sledge Hammer. Daher will ein TV-Reporter einen Bericht machen. Ein Kollege Hammers dreht wegen Gehirnmanipulation vor Gericht durch. Bill Bixby in einer Gastrolle. Dementsprechend endete die erste Staffel mit dem Versuch Hammers, einen Atomsprengkopf zu read more, wobei er here ganze Stadt zerstört.

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See more endete die erste Staffel mit Bermani Amaral Versuch Hammers, einen Atomsprengkopf zu entschärfen, wobei er die ganze Stadt zerstört. Marc geb. Das ist Programm. Die 2. Sonnyboy will er sich vor Gericht selbst verteidigen. Staffel click at this page RTL via Kabelfernsehen ansehen. Jetzt ansehen. Bei beiden Staffeln wurde der laugh trackder vom Sender ABC damals vorgeschrieben wurde, entfernt. Sledge Hammer - Die komplette Serie (Episode + Pilot) [​DVD] []: Movies & TV. Many translated example sentences containing "sledgehammer" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

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Sie wurde beides, und so war Hammer zu Beginn der zweiten Staffel wieder quietschlebendig im Einsatz. Dummerweise will er sich vor Gericht selbst verteidigen. Doch als der mit Doreau flirtet, ahnt Hammer Böses. Persiflage auf den Film RoboCop. Hammers liebster Richter fällt auf einmal weiche Urteile. Spielfilme Crocodile Dundee an und scheinen von einem anderen Filmteam gedreht worden zu sein. Hammer tritt in seiner Tarnung als Crocodile-Dundee- Verschnitt auf.

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And loaded with more misadventure than there is air between Sledge's ears. Our hero find himself up against the likes of the infamous Elvis impersonator serial killer, a powerful Mafioso Don, the sex-starved Elizabeth, and a violent revolutionary.

Armed only with a Magnum, grenades, several Uzi machine-guns, and a bazooka, our hero singlehandedly makes the streets safe again for law-abiding citizens.

I was around 16 when I first saw this show and thought it was the funniest show that I had ever seen. I had liked Police Squad, but this was much better.

It poked fun at everything and everyone. Nothing was sacred! I was so upset when it was taken off of the air.

I just don't understand why this show is not on DVD yet. I run in to people all of the time that loved this show and all of them ask if I know if it is coming out on DVD.

I also think a Sledge Hammer movie would be a great idea. Police Squad only lasted 6 episodes, but the movies Naked Gun did very well.

Sledge lasted 2 seasons probably would have been a bigger hit if it had not been up against one of the most popular comedies ever Sign In.

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Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. S2, Ep2. Sledge and Dori investigate the murder of a history student who was studying Hitler's Third Reich.

Suspects include her burly quarterback boyfriend and her kindly, old history professor. S2, Ep3.

When Sledge gets suspended he decides to try being a P. S2, Ep4. Jenkins takes an unhealthy interest in Hammer and shows up on his doorstep.

After she throws herself at him, he rejects her, and she shoots him. The bullet grazes his temple. Jenkins makes Doreau think that she and Sledge spent the night together.

The next morning, Sledge arrives at work and is shunned by everyone. Captain Trunk calls him into his office and informs Hammer that Jenkins is filing charges against him for assault and sexual harassment.

Hammer says he's innocent but no one S2, Ep5. After a used car salesman dies mysteriously on live television, Hammer and Doreau investigate.

They discover that there have been a string of used car salesman that have also died, and that they have one common factor, the salesmen were all married to the same woman.

Hammer goes undercover as Australian car dealer, "Crocodile Bruce," a spoof of Crocodile Dundee in order to catch the killer.

S2, Ep6. In a spoof of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Hammer is assigned to guard Angelica, a mobster's girlfriend, who is scheduled to testify at a trial.

They bond over a mutual love of guns and violence. As they are climbing a set of stairs at her favorite spot, a lighthouse, a mystery man grabs her and takes her to the top.

Hammer is unable to follow, because he has developed an intense fear of heights. He watches helplessly as Angelica is pushed over the side and falls to her death.

Later at a bar, Hammer sees a woman resembling Angelica, and sets out to prove that maybe S2, Ep7.

A new female radio psychologist moves to town and starts a show directed towards helping women with their problems. A male caller starts phoning into the show and harassing the doctor.

When the calls start including threats of violence, she goes to police for help. Hammer and Doreau are assigned to investigate the case.

They decide to arrange a trap with Hammer staying at the doctor's apartment, while the women stay at his apartment. The plan backfires when the suspect shows up at Hammer's apartment anyway.

S2, Ep8. He is divorced, and frequently makes jokes at the expense of his ex-wife, who makes an appearance in the final episode, played by Rasche's real-life wife, Heather Lupton.

Despite his irresponsibility and highly destructive urges, Hammer always ends up getting his man or woman , often through sheer luck, brute force, the initiative of his partner, or the rare flash of brilliance.

Hammer's unintentionally ironic motto is: "Trust me, I know what I'm doing", and disaster usually follows.

Another expression he favors is: "Don't confuse me", typically in response to any remark that challenges his markedly one-dimensional worldview.

Hammer's partner is Detective Dori Doreau Anne-Marie Martin , who is sensitive, intelligent, and sophisticated, though also a tough, agile cop who can handle a gun and deliver a well-timed karate kick when necessary, and who frequently saves Hammer from the extraordinary predicaments into which he invariably gets himself.

Doreau is often shocked and offended by Hammer's crass behavior and obnoxious attitude, but she appears to see "some" redeeming qualities beneath his gruff exterior.

It becomes apparent with time that she has some romantic feelings for Sledge. He is a chronically uptight, Pepto-Bismol -guzzling, apoplectic parody of police precinct captains from popular s and s TV cops shows.

Trunk spends most of his time yelling at Hammer for his incompetence or complaining about his migraine headaches and hypertension brought on by Hammer's antics.

Actor Jackie Cooper directed a few episodes himself. Inspired by Clint Eastwood 's no-nonsense approach to law enforcement in the Dirty Harry films, teenager Alan Spencer dreamed up the idea of a police officer whose approach was even more over-the-top, to the point of absurdity.

At the age of 16, Spencer wrote a screenplay based on this idea. The script and the main character were both named Sledge Hammer. He sold his script upon the release of the fourth Dirty Harry movie Sudden Impact and the popularity of NBC's Dirty Harry -inspired action series Hunter ; the latter property created demand for a satirical police television show.

Spencer quickly reworked his script for a half-hour television format. HBO executives did not like it, however, and suggested changes that Spencer found unacceptable, such as casting Dangerfield or Joe Piscopo in the lead role.

Last-place ABC was willing to take a chance on the unorthodox script. ABC insisted that the violence be toned down for network television and that a laugh track be included although some versions — including the DVD release of the show — do not have this track or had it removed; Spencer found it offensive that the audience be told when to laugh and was furious over the decision , but agreed to cast Spencer's first choice for the lead character, the classically trained actor David Rasche.

The pilot of Sledge Hammer! ABC took advantage of this coincidence by using the song in television, radio, and film advertisements for the show.

The introduction to the show features long, near-sensual closeup shots of Hammer's. The show's ominous theme music , composed by Danny Elfman , plays in the background.

Hammer then picks up his gun, spins it expertly like a cinematic Old West gunslinger , and utters his catch phrase "Trust me, I know what I'm doing" just before firing into the screen, making a hole in it.

According to the DVD release extras, the original version had Hammer firing directly at the viewer, but ABC executives feared this could be too shocking, possibly even causing heart attacks and leaving the network liable.

Thus, Hammer fires into the screen at a slight angle. The DVD release uses an updated heavy metal version of the theme music by Baboon Rising on the main menus.

Despite critical acclaim, [ citation needed ] Sledge Hammer! The fact that the series appealed to key target demographics also kept it on the schedule.

Because ABC intended to cancel the series, the last episode of the first season ends with Hammer accidentally destroying the city when he attempts to disarm a stolen nuclear warhead ; just before the explosion Hammer embarks on his infamous catchphrase "Trust Me However, this episode got much better than expected ratings, in large part because the network had moved the show to a better time slot.

ABC changed its mind and renewed the show for a second season. The second-season premiere perfunctorily explained that it and following episodes were set "five years before" the explosion, though Doreau is Sledge's partner in the second season, despite being introduced to him in the pilot, and despite the presence of references to contemporary events, rather than those of five years earlier.

Bill Bixby of The Incredible Hulk fame was brought in to direct numerous episodes.

Sledge Hammer In the second issue, Sledge is up against a Spider-Man imposter and on the cover issue a disclaimer hints that Sledge Hammer is actually a mutant when the X-Men series and its mutant spin-offs were on the height of their popularity. Hammer is unable to follow, because he has developed an intense fear of heights. The maker has poly guard every inch on the handle to keep you in the least shock, even with overstriking. Particulate filled fiberglass core Photo Click the following article.

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