Creating perceptions with light







EDi by Darlene

Creating perceptions with light


I experience joy each time I look through the lens of my camera and take a picture. I find that exciting because the information in that photograph allows me to create a visual expression I can share with you. Whether that expression reflects my thoughts, intuition, desires or actions, the final rendering represents my perception of a transient moment. The concept of my work speaks to emotion, spirituality and awareness, and any other qualities that emphasize beauty of subject matter. I do this by creating pictorials inspired by manipulating information in the image to reflect an interpretation of what is in my mind’s eye. And, the outcome is always an invitation to you, the observer, to move into a space of speculation and experience a moment of joy, as I conceived it.

My work is known as 'EDi by Darlene.' While I apply both traditional and unorthodox techniques in post processing my images, the intent of an 'EDi by Darlene' is to reflect a perception that invites the viewer to reprocess, rethink, and see a perspective that does not duplicate reality.

Over the years, I have exhibited in Washington, DC; Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and in New York. I am honored to have my works juried into national exhibits, humbled by those who have acquired my pieces for private, charitable, and corporate collections.

Please contact me directly for custom or limited edition art pieces.



Joy by Darlene Evonne



Shadows by Darlene Evonne


Sailing by Darlene Evonne


Blue Blades of Grass by Darlene Evonne


Emlenton by Darlene Evonne


Crosses by Darlene Evonne


Lock 3 by Darlene Evonne


Morning Dawn by Darlene Evonne


Path Beyond by Darlene Evonne


Faces by Darlene Evonne


Rock Creek at M by Darlene Evonne


Spring Snow II by Darlene Evonne


Peacock Feathers by Darlene Evonne


Paradigm Shift by Darlene Evonne


The Wall by Darlene Evonne


Black Swallowtail by Darlene Evonne


Day Break by Darlene Evonne


Spring Snow by Darlene Evonne


Gentle Warrior on Strand Street by Darlene Evonne


St Croix Stencil by Darlene Evonne


The Light by Darlene Evonne